Sunday, March 13, 2011


The number one question I have gotten since announcing my departure to Ghana is why did you decide to move. So it occurred to me, that I should perhaps give a little background about how I ended up making the decision to move out of the country. I know to many it seems like a bold move to some, in fact, many probably think its a  crazy move, especially since I am unemployed. But if you ask me, its the perfectly sane choice. After all,  I don't see a difference between being unemployed here and unemployed somewhere else. In fact, The only difference, I see, is that in Ghana, I won't be broke in three months and who knows with the opportunity that exists there, I may be hell of a lot better off in another three months.

Sometimes, I think many people forget how booming Africa really is. In spite of the worldwide economic downturn, many African nations are still experiencing a growing GDP. Investments are almost guaranteed to quadruple there and, most importantly, the continent holds 3/5 of the world's natural resources. With stats like that it looks like the continent is definitely on its way to success...........and I want in.

Besides, I can't think of a better time. In the past year, America's economy has continued to get worse, despite the optimistic reports. I have friends who have been unemployed for almost two years, despite being ready and able to aggressively compete in the job market.Now some would say, you live in DC and you have worked on the Hill, how hard could it be for you to find new employment. My answer to them, it was a lot easier when there weren't thousands Hill workers looking for a job at the exact same time.

So in summary, I chose to live out of the country because it is more economically feasible. My rent will be cut down by 2/3, start-up costs for a business are not high, and did I mention its warm year round and has beautiful beaches. Plus, I get the opportunity to live abroad, have new experiences and create my own opportunity. What more could a young woman ask for? Well, there are a few other things, but I think those will come to me in Ghana as well.

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