Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Ways Tired

Today, I must admit I'm a little apprehensive about this whole Ghana move. I know in my two previous posts, I was really over confident, but then again, we have talked about my big mouth in those posts too. Yesterday, I realized I was going to have pay of my car to take it to Africa and if you are wondering how much that is, its $7,000. Yes, a significant amount of money. Most importantly, it impacts every financial plan that I have.

Now I am really considering this as my come to Jesus moment because I feel like my options are really restricted, at least the set of options I would consider. In fact, who am I fooling, there is no other option, but to push on. I feel like I have come too far to go back. So now you may ask, what does this mean, and to be honest I have no idea.

I am a firm believer though that God has a plan for everything and its like the old gospel song says, " I don't believe he's brought me this far to leave me." In fact, I know he didn't. I remember five years ago, I moved to DC with $3,000 and no job. I was living with a cousin that I met once for two days and I didn't really have an abstract plan. Three weeks later, just when I was down to my last dime, I got a job.

I really feel I have to remember this situation in this case, because I have learned life never works out the way I plan it. Most importantly though, I have learned it always works out. In my mind, the greatest advantage I have over most people is that I am willing to walk on faith. I guess its one of the greatest benefits of my past struggles and failures. I have learned quirky things happen for reason. It's like when I wanted to get into law school and my LSAT sucked. I got denied by every law school, it was the first time ever  that I was rejected by any academic institution, I was devastated. Looking back though, I would have come out of law school at the peak of the recession and probably, like many of my other friends with law degrees, unable to find work.Not to mention the $100,000 plus debt I would have racked up.

So when I look back at life, it has always worked out, and this is the attitude I have chosen to adopt for particular journey in life, it will work out. I will not be swayed by the way things look, instead I will be led by the voice inside of me that says, "go forth." After all, I don't feel no ways tired.

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  1. It's a simple idea: move. Everything in us moves, even as we sleep. Our hearts tense, hair grows, lungs swell. Outside, too. Breeze and waves and a huge spinning world we sit on. Yeah, we sit. Frozen and afraid. And we think our fear is being seconded by the sitting. But we are actually moving: spinning on an axis, swelling, growing. Growth, change is going to happen. We only get to choose if we will navigate it or if if will navigate us.

    I was about to call you brave for...moving. But instead I will applaud you navigating in inclement weather. Go forth, indeed.

    You have refreshed my thinking.

    Asante sana!