Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Live Like You Were Dying

Today, I got word that a girl I went to high school went died of breast cancer. She was 29. It's always hard to see someone that you know pass to the other side, but I think when they are young it has a more sobering affect on the mind. For me, at 30, I think to myself what if I knew I was going to die at 29, what things would I have done differently. It really makes you think about not only how important it is to be happy and pursue your dreams, but be grateful that you are given a new day to do it in as well.

 The one thing I have always noticed about any young person who has a terminal illness is that they are incredibly passionate about living every day of their life. They love harder than most people I have ever known, they are more willing to take chances and not worry about who calls them crazy for fulfilling their wildest dreams, but most importantly, they are some of the happiest people I have ever known. I think there is something exhilirating about living your life like every day is your last. I am sure this is an experience most of us will never truly achieve, due to the fact many of us are unwilling to let go of the everyday demands of life. However, I really dare more of us to do it.

Since, I have decided to do what makes me happy in life and not worry about the little things, I must admit, I am a happier person. Not to mention, it seems, everything always falls into place. I think we could all be happier people if instead of judging the lives of others, we judged our own quality of life and then made a commitment, every day, to do what makes us happy. Imagine a world like that. Where it was ok to be thought of as crazy or unconventional, to not worry about the pristine image you spend so much time trying to maintain. What a life it would be. I guess Buddha was definitely onto something when he said the power of happiness lies in the ability to just be.

Rest in peace, Natalya Marie Campbell, you have taught us all a valuable life lesson. May your energy continue to inspire us as much in your absence as it did in your presence. You will be missed.

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