Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, I am here safe and sound. The flight went well and so has everything else. I must admit, I am totally amazed by the warm welcome I received from everyone; it is as if I never left. I would love to put some prolific message or thought into this first overseas blog, but lets be honest, I have been here right at 24 hours and although I am exciting and aware, there have been no real revelations yet, but I am sure that will change. Plus, I am at an internet cafe, I only have 16 minutes left on my time, and I have a host of other things to do. Thank God, I mastered my homerows or else this blog wouldn't be possible.

I promise it will get more interesting in time and I promise to have pics next blog. Well, people as Porky the Pig used to say, "That's all folks"

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