Monday, May 23, 2011

Dammit, I forgot the camera

Well, yesterday was a great day for picture taking, but as you can see I forgot my camera. Part of me thinks it subconcious.. After all, I really prefer not to walk around Ghana with my camera in tow, looking all touristy and shit. I  mean I do have a reputation to keep up.

But I must admit it was a good day. Sundays in Ghana are quiet up until about 2 pm; people are either going to church or sleeping off the alcohol from the night before. Not to mention, this past Sunday morning it rained. Now this is rainy season in Ghana, but fortunately Accra doesn't get a lot of the rain, but when it rains, it definitely rains. It really reminds me of one of those cheap waterfall pictures found in Chinese restaurants and your Aunt Keisha's house, but it definitely makes the stillness even more still.

Fortunately, the rain tapered off just in time for me to get to see the city come alive. So I decided to venture into Osu, which is the downtown area, and indulge in the most American cuisine imaginable, a burger and fry. After fulfilling my gluttonous craving I decided to venture down to a pub I had previously been to up the street, but of course I didn't quite make it.

At the first corner I came to, I looked down to my right and saw a big sign for Star beer. It was not the sign that drew my attention though, I mean its not an unusual to see a  Star sign, it is one of the local beers, but the numbers of cars coming and leaving the parking lot. So, I thought to myself why not. If nothing else, I knew my pretty American face would score a few free beers. and what unemployed girl can resist that.

Three hours later and four beers later, I was sipping on Hennessy VSOP with my new friends. A Firestone tire distributor, a banker and well just some regular old locals.Hell, I even had some local ice and didn't get sick! Check that out for a playa immune system.  Yep, I'm feeling like Ice Cube, "Today was a good day."

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  1. Wow, this is so awesome. I feel like I'm right there with you. Thanks for taking me with you to Ghana thru this blog. You are definately dispelling any silly myths I had planted in my small minded head!!