Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The View From Up Here

I am very fortunate to stay in a nice apartment during my adjustment time in Ghana. I have the option to eat breakfast everyday, made-to-order, I have a reliable internet connection, and its well secured community. The best thing about this apartment though, is the view.
I have learned that the internet connection is significantly faster on the balcony, so as a result many of my days and nights are spent in the covered refuge of the apartment's balcony. It not only makes for a great internet connection, but great people watching as well. As you can see from the picture, I can see almost everything that takes place in this complex without ever having to leave the comforts of my favorite chair. I feel like that nosy old lady that watches the block. The only exception is I have superior taste in my clothing selections.

Now during the day, there is not much to see. People come and go and occasionally friends meet and plan their daily excursions or try to rent a car and driver. The real watching comes during the evening hours when the sky becomes black and people turn on their lights.

Now, the third balcony down, on your far left, is the apartment of some Indian guys. They spend their eve sitting around smoking cigarettes and surfing the net. Occasionally, one drifts out to the balcony in their wife beater (yes, they wear those world wide apparently) and surveys the situation, but they never stay long. Perhaps it is because they see me watching.

The balcony above is that apartment belongs to a middle-aged African guy. I don't know what the hell he does, it appears he doesn't have a job though because every morning about 11 am he draws his curtain back and looks outside. He then comes to the balcony periodically to see what is going on. Weird......but he probably thinks the same about me.

In the second row, the last window is the bedroom of an Asian guy. Recently, has started drawing his curtain at night, but before then it was like walking in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, free peepshow. He showers every night about 9:30 pm, hangs his clothes up in his closet and climbs into bed. The funny thing is, is this fool has a big white musquito net around his bed. Perhaps, you are thinking many people sleep with musquito nets around there bed in Africa, after all, malaria is still a rampant disease on the continent, and you are correct. The issue is, is that all of these apartments have air conditioning in every room...and if you turn it on, the musquitoes don't bite. I guess some people believe in eliminating all risks in life.

Now to the right, the second balcony below me belongs to some Lebanese guys. They own some shops here in Accra. They are both swinging bachelors so I am never surprised that almost every morning there is a new young Ghanaian girl sitting on the balcony soaking up the good life.

I mean, hey I even saw the security officer take a piss on the back wall last night. He would probably die if he knew that I saw him. I mean, he did spend like four minutes surveying the area to ensure no one would come around. I guess he just forgot to look up. SMH. But hey, I'm sure most of us have been caught with our pants down somewhere in life.

Well, its time for me to get out. Today is Africa Day so its a holiday and people are starting festivities early, so I might as well join. I mean after all, it is almost noon here. :)


  1. Turning into a voyeur I see. Make sure you are wearing your sunglasses on the balcony :)

  2. Now that I have my computer going again. I can stay in touch. We should Skype or talk when we get a chance next week. I plan to go Red Crossing till about Tues.

  3. Well hello!!!! Good to see you got settled in, and enjoying yourself. Your blogs are funny and interesting at the same time, I will be following...take care!

  4. I love and miss you cuzzo!! Your post about your Eat, Pray, Love epiphany was truly inspiring. I hope everything works out to your favor!!

  5. You are becoming Jason Bourne you know... I'm just saying!