Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost a Winner

I believe in serendipity to the fullest. After all, there is nothing like an unexpected surprise. However, I think my life is way too valuable to risk it to this thing called chance, so I hardly wait for it. As a result, I find that I often push for things to happen. Now, I must admit, I haven't had the best luck with this strategy. I mean, I do typically get what I want, but once I get it, I find out I really didn't want it. But yet, it never stops me from pushing again. I mean after all, I have been hard headed my entire life.

Which brings me to today's debacle. I have decided to get a job because of course I need a social life and working is the easiest way to get one, guaranteed. Not to mention, I need access to certain information that is more easily gained if I work in a particular industry. So, it just so happens I run across a job that seems a perfect fit for me. I mean, it uses my previous skills and talents and most importantly it gives me access. So what's the next step, find an inside plug. After shooting out a few emails and lunching it up, I find the perfect avenue. Wait it gets better though, not only do I find the plug, but the person literally drops right into my lap during my lunch. Of course, I have my 30 second pitch together and she buys it. She is definitely interested.

So what is the next step, a thank you email of course. I had gotten her email and office number from another contact, so I thought, seal the deal and send a cute email. Then not only will she have your name on file she will be impressed. So I send the email, but it comes back.

No sweat, I will call the office and confirm the email. So the phone rings, and a woman picks up, but I dont get the greeting I was expecting. After all, I was expecting a good afternoon, thank you for calling_______. Instead, I got a hello. My mind racing and I instantly started blubbering on my words like a horny teenage boy talking to the head cheerleader. Hi _____ I'm sorry, I didnt realize this was your direct line, so and so gave me your information. I tried to send you an email, but it came back so I wanted to verify your email. Of course, in writing it sounds smooth, but over the phone it was a hot mess especially since I said it in 10 seconds. How do I know it was a disaster, because I was met with silence. After a minute of her processing the information, she replies, "Oh, hey, yeah nice meeting you too." She then verified her email and said, "Well I hope to talk to you again." However, the one thing the Hill taught me how to recognize is the sincere blow-off. Although she was very polite over the phone, she probably hung up and thought, stalker.... LMAO.

I guess God is telling me to stop meddling, he has it under control.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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