Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full Moon..Maybe A Quarter

Well, I know it has been a few days since I have blogged and I know you miss it. Let me give you a 30 second synopsis of what you missed so we can move into the good stuff.

I started driving in Accra. Its an interesting experience, because there are no street signs, street lights and sometimes drivers dont want to give me directions. I secretly think they hate me because I am American and driving..true story. Not to mention the traffic here is non-stop. It's crazy, I thank God for my defensive driving (of course, those who have ridden with me call it reckless) and my spirit of determination, without it, I would never get anywhere.

I also went to a village on Monday. Interesting experience, stay tuned for the blog and pictures on that. You will love it. Especially the video. I am sure most of you recognize many of the dance moves as the ones you do in the club. Drop, drop, down low and scrub the floor with it, shake, shake it like an alley cat. Beyonce is def stealing her moves from the village. LOL

Anywhoo, on to the good stuff. Yesterday I have dinner with a phenomenal young man who does business in Ghana. We had a fabulous dinner discussed our general business prospects and morals and even had some brief relationship talk. After all, those who know me know although I can't maintain my own ish, I'm pretty good at helping people keep their love life in tact.

At the end of dinner, I go to the bathroom before I get on the road. I must admit, during dinner I had an epiphany so I was super excited about it. Obviously so excited that I tucked my dress in my underwear. Now this has happened before, but this was the first time I didnt notice it. So I leave the bathroom, strutting like a peacock, singing to myself, some gentlemen are staring me down and as I round the corner one of them *psst*. Well, we know I am too bougie to answer, so what is my payback, mooning my dinner partner. Yep, there I was bare backed in front of at least 10 people thinking I am the shit. Fortunately, a French woman came over and told me of my horrible faux pas. But wait it gets better, after pulling my dress from my underwear, she comes back a second time to let me know that I still didnt get it and she gracefully offers to pull it out. I guess the French arent nearly as rude as they are made out to be. I am also thankful that my dinner partner had his ipad, which he used as a tactful distraction or maybe he really didn't notice, but somehow, I find it hard to believe that my pink laced leopard thong was showing and he had no idea.......hey its life.

Thank God I have learned to laugh at myself.

Until Next Time. Smooches.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! You mean that round brown didn't feel the Ghana air on it? Is your booty hotter than the June heat? LMBO, that has tickled me!!! I love you girl. You are a woman after my own heart!!

  2. This is so funny Cordie! Your a true inspiration.. Take care my friend..

  3. You must have been in a hurry and I know that it took much courage to walk away from that in a dignified manner. I hope that you will not be branded with a scarlet letter,since the leopard tried to get out of the bag. Sometimes we just gotta laugh about situations, cause its all life. Shit happens...we pick up the pieces and move on. Love Mom.

  4. Cordie,
    You are too many things. A "lady" is number one. Thanks for sharing your fun.