Friday, June 24, 2011

Liquid Gold

Growing up, I used to suck on the end of honeysuckles thinking that I would eventually get honey. Where I got that idea from, who knows, but I think it was my first obsession with honey. Since then, I love honey on anything, well almost. So when I moved to Memphis and discovered honey gold wings, I fell in love.

Unfortunately, DC could never produce good hot wings. I mean there were your commercial hot wings, found at the various food chains, but nothing like the real hot wings; like the ones found at Memphis Best Wings. Now, for those of you who know this spot, you are licking your lips and saying Amen. For those of you that don't, put it on your Memphis to-do list. 

Well life came full circle today, as I enjoyed great honey hot wings at a place called Honeysuckle. Who would have thunk it; great hot wings in Ghana. To make it even better they had happy hour from 5-7. Yep, I fortunately arrived at 5:15. Yes, it does get better though. Friday is Ladies Nights, so as a result, all cocktails are half-off, all night long.

"Another Hennessey London, please"

Plus, they are open to 2 am. This means, I can have wings almost anytime I want them. I can definitely say locating one of my favorite foods just made my life in Ghana even better. Now the next step, join a freaking gym.......

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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