Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Signs of a Long Night

Yes, this is a pink lemonade combination. Yes, I was fly.
First, let me start this blog by saying I do not endorse getting stupidly drunk. I believe in getting responsibly intoxicated.  I take pride in the fact that although people have seen me in public being loud (which really for me isnt a true sign of being intoxicated, because, hell, I'm just loud), noone can say they have ever seen me act belligerent, vomit on a street corner or fall down. However, I have noticed that after a long night there are certain habits I have.

First, I have noticed that the morning after a long night, My personal belongings are typically strewn about in a 50 foot radius of the front door. This means, purse, earrings, shoes, and perhaps an article of clothing or two. It is guaranteed, half the contents of my purse are sitting nearby, because of course, I have to find my blackberry so that I can do some drunk dialing. Unfortunately, here in Africa I have noone to DD...yet. I would have called to the States, but hey those calls are too expensive to discuss random buffoonery.

I also have noticed when I wake up, I instantly start to replay the evening in my head step by step. Checking my mental notes to ensure I didn't offend anyone or just say something rude. We know my sense of humor is crass and in Africa it is consider even more crass. Don't worry though, I have added that to the habits to change for survival list. Yesterday night I was successful in not offending anyone, in fact, I was the belle of the ball..or at least with the other boozers that is.

The car is leaning harder than me
Now for my last observation,  I must put out an additional disclaimer. I don't believe in drunk driving, but I do know we all have different tolerance levels, so I do not prescribe to the conventional limits set by law enforcement. We all know, if you put a group of people in a room, some will be drunk after one drink and others after 5. I am definitely an after five type drink girl,but I also stop drinking about two hours before I leave. Despite this fact, I have learned, another sign of a long night is the way I park the car. When I lived in DC, I would wake up and my car would be a foot away from the curb, but it was straight. Then there were a few times, where I just didnt pull all the up and my tail, on the car that is, was sticking out. But I am only willing to admit that this has happened a few times.

I did crack up though this morning though, on my way to breakfast, when I noticed the car was parked in between the lines, but leaning to the right. SMH. I guess some things just never change. Well, let me get on my water and afternoon nap. After all, it has been a long night.

Until next time Smooches.

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