Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Village Welcome


Well, last week I got a chance to go to the village. I would tell you it was some horrible, shocking social experience but it wasn't Most people know I have friends from all walks of life, so I have seen extreme poverty at its best. Not to mention, during these tough economic times, I am sure we all know someone who is on the verge of village life.

It is a simple place, but yet it was so beautiful. It sat on a lagoon so there were palm trees and sand everywhere. The structures were your standard concrete buildings and most people had mats to sleep on versus beds. However, we know that many folks in the States dont have beds, so don't be too appalled. In fact, the most tragic thing was the roads we had to use to get there. Thank God, the driver had an SUV or I am sure I would have been forced to get out and help push us out of the mud.

I went with the Queen Mother of the village, or the woman that the villagers seek counsel from. She runs a program at the school there that imports American teachers to work at the village so they had a fantastic three hour welcoming ceremony that including singing, dancing and a few skits. Side Note: I was slightly disturbed that the only white girl in the program brought her fiance for protection,  yes, seriously, she did. I cant believe she allowed her ignorance to follow her to Africa.

Anywhoo, it was excellent. The dancing, of course, was my favorite parts and trust me they were getting it. In fact, when I went to the club Friday, I totally stole some of the moves. Need to say....I was the hot shit in the club. Well enjoy the videos and photos.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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