Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Am I Missing....Oh, That's Right A Life

People ask me if I am homesick yet, and I must be honest the answer is no. The one thing, I do miss is having a social life though. Now, during my time in the States I lived in 5 different states and the District of Columbia, so I am very used to restarting my social life. I mean, after all, I am a social butterfly and I am convinced I can make a friend anywhere.

Now don't get me wrong, I do have some sort of social life here. After all, my boyfriend lives here so I get to hang with his friends. The issue with this is, is that my boyfriend is 46, and although he is cool, many of his friends aren't. In fact, some of them definitely remind me of the perverted old guy who acts like he has never seen a woman before. Sometimes, I definitely wish I would have worn a longer dress. So as of late, I have been opting to stay in the house and spend my time doing more productive things, like hand washing my laundry. Yes, sometimes it is that bad.

I have also decided a major challenging factor to my social life, is my lack of a vehicle. I left my vehicle in the States due to exorbitant duties here in Ghana so currently I am forced to take a taxi. Which leads to the whole other issue of getting a fair price. Of course, like most places built on cash and negotiation, someone is always trying to make an extra buck on the perceived tourist or Doris ( an African-American woman who has relocated to Ghana). Somehow the news has yet to get out about the failing American economy, so many Africans for some reason think all foreigners, particularly Americans are rich. I also blame my great taste in fashion for this. I mean, I do look like a million bucks everyday. I just thank God for my shrewd negotiating skills and small knowledge of twi, that helps me, often times, get a below market value price, but in week three I am learning, I just really need my own vehicle.

So this week, I will embark upon the adventure of driving in Accra, and it will be a true adventure because the car is a stick, and of course, I can't drive a stick. However, I am determined to to build a social life, so if that mans me sputtering through traffic, with a car that cuts off because I have it in the wrong gear, well then so be it. Now on to the next feat, learning enough twi so that I can ask people for directions.

Until Next Time Smooches.


  1. I remember when Guillermo was learning stick and it cut off. We would become embarrassed and start laughing. He would get sorta pissed but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. Glad to hear you're doing well Doris! LOL

  2. You are a woman after my own heart!! You have always and will always be my inspiration! I can't wait to see you again in your home of Ghana!!!

  3. dont lie! you know how to drive a stick cuz you drove the mystery machine before we gave it up in Mississippi!!! i love these blogs i get to see how you are and imagine i am with you! miss ya bffl

  4. It becomes easier, I learned in a weekend. the deal is to don't let up off the clutch, until you have completed shifting gears or stopped. It is almost like a pressure balance between the gas and clutch pedals. Mom