Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chop Money

In Ghana, I have noticed women are extremely patient. When their boyfriend or husband stays out too long, they never fuss, they just politely smile. If their significant other has a large number of female friends that he gives long embraces to, they turn their head to the other side and when he comes home late and wants to eat, they kindly fix him his favorite dish, regardless of the hour.

When I first moved here, I couldn't quite understand why so many of them seemed so passive when it came to the wrongdoings of their men. Then I discovered chop money. What is chop money you say? Well, my friend, that is a good question. Chop money is the money men give to their girlfriends or wives each time they part. It's technically thought of as housekeeping money, but it goes towards a variety of things.

That's right, each time a boyfriend/husband see his woman, he feels obligated to leave her money for her own personal needs. Now, I wonder how I missed this concept, considering that I had a Ghanaian boyfriend for a while....and never received chop money. I guess by Ghanian standards the relationship was destined to end. However, I still feel cheated that for six weeks I did not collect my due funds. (Judge me if you want, but I feel I am owed that money).

Anywhoo, this whole concept got me to thinking. Could chop money be the answer to happier relationships? I mean looking back over my last relationship, I probably would have complained less and been happier if I had been getting the funds owed to me. I probably would have been more eager to see him at 3 am in the morning and I perhaps would have overlooked some of his indiscretions, all with my chop money in mind.

With chop money, money this would never happen. 
Undoubtedly, there will be a group of women who are offended by the fact that money can buy a woman's happiness or silence. I say get off the bitter boat. Continue to play both the man and the woman in your life if you want, but I, on the other hand, am definitely looking for a man to spoil me.

So back to the point, chop money could probably save a lot of relationships in the States. It would guarantee women didn't come out with busted toes and wigs and it would probably make them feel more appreciated. Hell, a man would probably be less inclined to leave. After all, he has invested in his relationship, and like Johnnie Taylor once said, "Its cheaper to keep her."

Regardless how you crazy you think it sounds, I fully endorse and believe in the idea. Now, let me go look for my next Chop Daddy.

Until Next Time Smooches