Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogside Church

Well, a few months ago, many of you may remember a blog I had called, "Almost a Winner".  I would recap it, but I hate to repeat myself and my old blog posts are conveniently located in the tool bar on the right side of the screen---------------->

It appears though, in hindsight, I was really a winner I just hadnt realized it yet. That's right folks, this week I got gainful employment and didn't even take a paycut. How is that for good luck? Not to mention, I had enough other independent work to solidify the fact that Ghana is definitely my new home.

I wanted to take this blog, not to talk about my success here, but to really talk about faith. I remember when I was moving to Africa, people were freaked out. In fact, some of them were so freaked out I had to stop talking to them; they were starting to scare me. However, I continued to press forward because it is what I felt I should do.

In my short life, I have learned that if an idea is sparked and you find yourself passionate about it, it means you should go. It doesn't make a difference who else cant see the vision, how funny the money seems, or how impossible the task. I believe there are many people missing their destinies because they don't know how to believe in themselves and they overlook the fact that the universe works in amazing ways.

The funny thing about the job I got, is that it had been open for months. The agency wanted an individual living here, but they found noone. The week after I got here, it reopened for just a few short weeks. Imagine, if I would have spent my time fighting to stay in a place I wasn't even sure I belonged. I would have missed my grand opportunity. Thank God I listened to the universe.

So today, I encourage all of you to really listen to the universe and do what is in your heart. We all deserve to happy, we all deserve to do amazing things and we all deserve to reach our destiny.

I hope all of you have the courage to do what is on your heart at all times, regardless of how things appear. Always remember faith is the expectation of things unseen.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

Totally irrelevant fact: I fixed my camera. Real picture blogs are back. Yessssss!


  1. I love reading your blogs...I actually was feeling some type of way today...and so needed this encouragement...

  2. It's funny how I read your blogs and feel like I'm reading about myself! Oftentimes we believe that all African countries, especially East versus West, are so different. Nevertheless, our experiences in finding gainful employment, having faith and dating have been so similar, almost parallel (eerie!). We're all brothers and sisters, right! One Love to Mama Africa

    Carol R.
    Kigali, Rwanda

  3. I am happy it encouraged you Jojo and yes, Carol, you are right. Life is the same wherever you go, its just the location that changes it. :)