Monday, August 22, 2011

Trash TV Comes to Ghana

Since moving to Africa, my TV time has been severely limited. After all,  there are three local channels here. One is guaranteed to have some sort of church program, the other has some Nollywood or Gollywood film  where people are using juju to fall in love, and the third, is filled with mediocre talk shows that discuss issues that the host deems important. Yeah, it's not my cup of tea either.Not to mention, my lack of local dialogue always limits my enjoyment of the shows.

Well today, my friends, I moved up the ranks of African society and got DSTV. That's right, I now have access to many of the trashy shows I junked my DVR up with in the States. I wish I could express my excitement to you, but unless you have been restricted to watching an African version of TBN, its really hard to imagine my joy. There was one point during the installation when the tech ran across Hoarders; I literally thought about grabbing the remote, pushing him to the side and shouting with gleeful joy, "Victory is mine!" Thank God, I have learned to control myself over the years. The best thing about DSTV in Ghana, is that they show all the throw back cartoons. I can see Inspector Gadget, Dennis the Menace, the Jetsons and even the occasional forgotten cartoon, like Count Duckula. Talk about nostalgia at its best, yes, life does just continue to get better.

Judge me if you want, but hey, we all need an outlet and trash tv  and old cartoons is one of my favorites. In fact, if I discover that Judge Judy, Judge Mathis or anybody else dressed in a black robe is on tv, I swear I am not leaving the room for two days...or at least during the hour or two the show is on.

All I know, is its good to be back, right in time for a new season of Snapped.

Until Next Time. Smooches.


  1. gyyrrrlll!!! Snapped is the truth!! lol i love that show. nice to see u thriving "myfriend". love ya!

  2. Cordie I am happy for you. I know what it's like to be without good TV and I am not an avid TV watcher but after a long break I enjoy some trash too. Chancee~

  3. I'm not judging girl, I love cartoons, esp the ones I grew up with...