Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And So the Circle Continues

Well, hello friendly people. I haven't blogged in a week. I would say that there was a particular reason, but there isn't. I just decided to arbitrarily take last week off and I did absolutely shit. It was fabulous. There is nothing better than lazing around, napping and enjoying the day as you see fit. I really hate that more of you aren't taking those types of opportunities. Don't worry though, I will take plenty for two...hell maybe even 5 of us. Plus I find in these moments, it is truly my sixth sense calling; telling me to enjoy the last of my peaceful and relaxing time.Thank God, I know how to listen

You see, this week I started working again and, of course, someone has already worked my last nerve. However, fortunately for me, the thorn in my side will be soon be removed so I just have to smile and bear through the pain. It's funny though, because one thing I have learned in all of my now, 24, jobs, is that there is always an asshole. Always never fails, sometimes its your boss, sometimes its your peer, hell sometimes its the lady at the cafe in your building. I guarantee you though, there is always one.

I also realized, I am not going to have any damn free time. It's ok........ I guess. After all, I have had a 10 month vacation. Plus, there is nothing better than realizing you might have stumbled on the perfect opportunity- minus a few assholes. Fortunately, I think I can ride these donkeys though all the way to the finish line.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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