Monday, October 17, 2011

I's Free Now

Those are exactly the words I said to myself as my eyes opened at 6 am. Today is the first day when I am back to living my life and building my empire and damn it feels good. For the first time in three weeks, I control how my time is being spent. I can do my research, attend necessary meetings and feel the sun beaming on my face when I please.

Of course, I am catching up for three weeks of lost time. Really, seven. I must admit, when I found out I got the job, my daily schedule was nothing more but watching old school cartoons and intermittent naps. Let this be a lesson to all that progress should always be constant and never thrown off track. But those afternoon naps, were refreshing.

So, now since I have more leisure time, look forward to more and exciting blogs. I know you missed it, or at least, I did. And we know these blogs are really all about me. That's why I have added the George Michael video. Freedom people, ahhh its sweet.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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