Thursday, October 20, 2011

Showing My Ass

I believe in dressing appropriately for all situations. Although, I will admit, I typically am a little bit more stylish and risque with my dress, I still try to adapt to the situation. That is why for my beach day yesterday, I chose to wear an adorable black wrap dress. This black wrap dress has always been a favorite beach wear item, because it transfers so easily from beach to dinner and, since its black, there is never a noticeable wet stain on my ass, which some people may mistake for an unfortunate drinking accident.

Now, I pretty much refuse to go to the beach in Accra due to the high level of pollution. I have never seen so much plastic surfing in on waves in my entire life. In fact, if I didnt know any better, I would think plastic is made in the ocean in Accra.  I also definitely think its possible to drown, even on the shore here- all it takes is an unfortunate attack of plastic bags. I imagine it being like the bird that gets caught in the six pack ring- scary thought, at least for me.

So I personally hike about an hour outside of Accra to go to Krokroibte- also known as the rasta beach. Although some of you may think you know my reason for choosing the spot you are wrong. I go there because its free, uncrowded and unpolluted. The only downfall is the trip there. If you take a taxi it is 20 cedis if you trotro its 1 cedi- of course, I tro-trod, which was great for my wallet but not my wardrobe choice.

Perfect for the beach, but not the trotro
Unfortunately, this dress doesnt have much bending room, so once my spine arches three inches you can clearly see under the dress. Why didnt I think about that before I left the house. To make it worse, it seemed at every time we stopped, it was the person next to me getting off. You know what this means, I was showing my bikini bottom every 5 minutes to the last three row of seats.

Fortunately, it made the men very enthusiastic to make sure I got off at the right stop. I have a funny feeling though, that they were looking forward to the finale.

Until the Next Time. Smooches.

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