Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Always a Day Away

Every now and then, I must admit, I get overwhelmed in Accra. Boasting nearly 4 million people,  it is definitely the biggest city I have ever lived in. And though English is the national language, I have learned my American English is often too slick and fast for anyone to understand me. After all, with this being a former British colony, the Queen's English is definitely more standard in the city.

So it is not surprising that last week, I found myself quietly sobbing at the transportation center at Nkrumah Circle. In my mind, it was the worst day ever. I was an hour and a half late for an appointment, thanks to a friend that was adhering to Ghana Man Time versus Standard time. Then on my way home the sky opens up and literally floods the streets of Accra. Then to top it off, because of the rain, I couldn't find a taxi to take me home. So when I got turned around and then found myself stuck in the roundabout at Nkrumah Circle trying to cross the street,with mud in my shoe and being splashed by water, it's no wonder I broke down for just a second. Fortunately, the spell only lasted for a moment. I'm sure it might have lasted longer, but the street smart me knows its never a good thing to look  vulnerable in a busy area, especially when you are a foreigner and a woman.

So an hour and a half later, I arrived home wet with muddy shoes and feet and a little pissed off about how the day had gone. Now, we all have days like this and I have found it is particularly easy for all of us to isolate what is wrong in our life at these moments. You start to think about all of your failures and disappointments and, of course, label yourself a loser for one reason or another.

However, the next morning I awoke to an offer to do an independent contract starting in  January. Then the following day, I got a job offer for an upcoming position at a local company and, well, on Friday my resident permit came in. Not a bad way to end a week that started so poorly. It also made me realize, how quickly life can change for all of us. It goes to show one day can change your entire life and a few days can turn your whole situation can turn around. I guess little orphan Annie was on to something. Tomorrow is always a day away.

Until Next Time Smooches.

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