Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Baaack , But I Never Went Anywhere

Folks, Hola. What is going on? Yes, I haven't blogged in a month and it wasnt intentional. The internet was down at the house and though I purchased a mobile modem, blogger doesnt like it for some reason. Therefore, I had to leave you hanging. Sure, I could have come to a cafe like I am doing now to blog, but well, hell I dont have a car and that is unnecessary taxi money. After all, this blog doesn't pay- yet.

Well, in the past month I have found my perfect home. I got a cute little house in Ladadi that sits directly across from the ocean. When I walk out of the compound, I can see the fishing boats. It's 2 br one bath and most importantly, its in a convenient location. I must admit, for a second I though I was going to have to move to the boonies and that was going to cause a whole other issue for me. But fortunately, the girl renting the house liked me so much she reduced the price. :) Goes to show, a little bit of honey gets you further than a whole bottle of vinegar. Keep it in mind as you move through life.

I also started to write my book. As the year unfolds you will hear more about it, but I hope to self-publish by the end of 2012. I continue to be amazed at the opportunities that surface and how people seem to be attracted to me despite my big mouth and crude sense of humor. I guess it goes to show, being yourself, even in a foreign environment, is always the best way to go.

I am expecting a fabulous New Year, as my business is launching in January and I am feeling pretty confident. I would tell everyone what it is, but its not quite time. Ghana is a competitive market and I cant risk someone taking my idea. Just know its tourist based and I am the first one. And, well, being the first always has its advantages. So hopefully, it takes me to the point of being true middle class here, which includes my maid, cook, driver, gardener, SUV and a pimp house.  Yep, the middle class still exists here, eat your heart out America.

Well, we all know, I have a length limit to my blogs, considering the short attention spans of most people. So, I will come to the cafe once a week and keep you all posted.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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