Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Sorry, You Said What

Recently, I was turned on to Awkward Black Girl. Its amazing how I missed this whole ABG revolution, but I guess you can't keep you with every trend from the other side of the ocean. So since then, I have watched all the episodes including the finale. Thumbs up to a sista finally getting to date a white boy on a mainstream! May this be the start of bitter brothers around the world, trying to figure out why they aren't good enough for black women. If you ask me, its time to balance the scales. So with that being said, let me shout out all my Zebra couples. LOL

I have also realized that ABG and Ghana have something in common, the Whisper dude. When I first came to Ghana I realized that many people spoke at inaudible tones, and unfortunate, for me, lip reading was never offered as an extra curricular course. I can't quite figure out why a grown man or woman talks to you like they are a three year old. The only thing I ever hear is,  "Madame......the rest is typically filled with breaths of air that I am supposed to interpret and string into a sentence. I just don't get it. I have learned sometimes half my conversations with people consist of, "I'm sorry, can you say that again, " or "What did you say?"

What is even more amazing is how other Ghanaians can pick up the whisper tones. It's like they have super sonic ears made especially for the whisperer.  My boyfriend often acts like he is embarrassed when I ask someone to repeat themselves or speak up. He always puts his hand on my arm and then promptly answers the guy or girl. Hell, its not my fault that I don't have the ears of super- hearing Ghanaian.

The funny thing is, is that my lack of whisper interpretation skills probably makes me look over aggressive. I have noticed that more quiet someone is the louder I get. I guess its an inverse reaction, I am displaying what I want them to do versus just telling them. After all, we Americans can be over agressive and I am proving that every day.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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  1. Got here through your bmore loves post! Loved it, and.... go ABG! lol:)