Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Praise and Party Service

In Ghana, almost everyone goes to church. I attribute this to not only colonialism, but also to the fact that poor and downtrodden people always seem to have a greater dedication to God than those who have. Not to say that those who are middle and upper class don't love the Lord, because I am sure they do. They just don't mind frequently sleeping in on Sundays or missing church for exotic travel or business.

So I was not surprised that almost everyone I knew in Ghana decided to go to church for New Year's Eve. Even I jumped on the holy bandwagon. Unfortunately though, I had some champagne around 7 and I ended up sleeping until 11:30. But Lord knows I had good intentions and that is what counts, at least in my mind. Plus, for the first time ever, I rang in the New Year at home, and that deserves bonus points in the Book of Heaven. 

Now since I had scored my extra Jesus points, I was content  letting the evening run by sipping a glass of wine and watching some TV before I dozed off again, but then my phone rang at 12:10 am. It was my friend saying she was on her way into the city and that we should go out. At first I was hesitant. Wait, let me  maintain my Jesus points and stop lying. We all know me, and we know I love a good party. So, I hurriedly threw on my sophisticated freak-um dress and hit the town.

Now I was sure the party would be winding down; it was nearly 1:00 am when we made it to Osu. After all, in the States, the true party is before midnight. After midnight is strictly reserved for the true drunkards, who still have five more hours of drinking left in them. But here in Ghana, the party doesn't start until after church has released its crowd and they have gone home to change into club attire. That's right the same people that spent their night praising have now turned into club hoppers. I mean, who would let this occasion pass without a drink? Definitely not Ghanainas, but in our moment of judgement let us be reminded, that even Jesus drank wine.

So as I stumbled into the house at 5:30 am I laughed to myself about the pain some would be feeling as they gathered themselves for church the next morning and said a little prayer, "Dear God, thank you for letting me have the comfort of sleeping in tomorrow. Amen"

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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  1. glad they go in ghana i went to church this new years but i left early to go home and rest