Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Help

When I first moved to Africa I realized everyone had house help. In fact, many people I know employ at least three people at all times. A gate/security boy, a gardener, a maid and if you are really fancy a driver. Now we all know cost of labor is cheap in Africa, so often times all of this help will only cost you about $400.

Therefore, it was only right I join the ranks of the bougie and get my own house help now since I have my own house. After these past three weeks, I can't believe I ever went so long without house help. Now when I want breakfast, I simply call out her name, order appropriately and it's served within a short period of time. I dont have to run errands anymore or haggle with the sellers, because that is what she does. Never again will I have to sweep or mop, unless its superficially, and did I mention she does laundry? All for $100 a month.

It's like I have died and gone to heaven. *sigh*. In fact, I wish more Americans could enjoy the pleasures of having someone to help around the house. Some of you may think having house help means you are lazy, because that is how we are conditioned to believe. However, you will notice most  rich people have help. It's because they realize, what I am just now realizing, having help lets you focus on the big picture.

Its not like I can't cook my own breakfast and do my own cleaning. I have been doing that for years, but having someone help allows me to put all my energy and attention into other areas of my life. Since bringing in a house girl, my productivity level has shot up exponentially. Now, I can run errands and research at the same time. I can edit my book without distractions or interruption, and most importantly, it gives me time to think and plan.

In fact, I have turned my house into a five star hotel. It is definitely in heavy competition for being one of the most fabulous vacation experiences of my life; except its not a vacation, its real life. Yeah, I think this just sealed the deal on why I am never coming back to the States.

*Sidenote: I must take the time to say that using the terms boy and girl for your house help is not considered  derogatory here. So, in case you are wondering, I have not gone Uncle Ruckus on you. LOL

Until Next Time. Smooches.


  1. Cordie, I absolutely love your blog! Thoroughly entertaining. Be safe and thanks for being an inspiration.


  2. Wow its been a while since I have had the pleasure of reading your blog.

    Funny enough, after 6 months of working, going to school full time, freelancing and planning a wedding, (all the while trying to maintain my home) I broke down and hired a maid. They will be starting at the end of the month and they don't do half of what your help does.

  3. P.S. - Do you mind me sharing your blog with others?

  4. SPM, please share and I am so sorry your made isnt Superwoman!! Goes to show developing countries have their perks!