Friday, April 20, 2012

Friendship Out Loud

In the past year, I have noticed that every time Ghanaians see one of the comrades, an intense celebration has to follow. Immediately after the high pitched screams (yes, mean have them to) and bears hugs, where each person luls the other by rocking side to side, there is excited conversation at the top of a person’s lungs.
Now, I find this funny considering how I previously noted that when talking Ghanaians like to whisper. It was not until later that I observed the phenomena of yelling being saved strictly or greetings of long last pals or relatives. Because after all, in Ghana, two weeks is a long time not to have seen your mate. And although, I appreciate their enthusiastic greetings towards each other, sometimes I can’t but help find it annoying. 

Like anytime I am shoved aside in the street so a grown man can pick up his friend and do pirouettes on the sidewalk, I am slightly annoyed, or when the exuberant friends continue to bump into you multiple times; despite the previous dirty looks. I mean, really? How many times are you going to put your elbow in my neck?
I also am slightly annoyed by the fact that even after they have greeted each other, they continue to speak in their outside voice, even if they are inside, a coffee shop....... and are the only ones talking. Hmmm, but then again, if I spoke the local language and could understand and know what all the excitement is about. Nah, I doubt it. 

One thing I will give Ghanaians though is they have an incredible sense of community. They all celebrate the accomplishments of the next and they are always excited at a friend’s victory, as if it were their own. But perhaps that is the lesson to be learned. If you take away a society where people communicate via bbm and facebook and replace it with a society that still shares information face to face; if you take away unlimited channels and cut the power in the States a little more, as well as takeaway non-communal living, who knows we may just feel obligated to get out socialize and reconnect with each other in such an excited way as well.

The only one thing I know for sure is, is that it really isn’t necessary to yell your whole conversation.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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