Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Space, Your Space

Growing up, I was always taught to respect personal space. Then I went onto college and communications classes taught me that a person needs five feet of personal space to feel comfortable.  I, personally, have always tried to respect these boundaries, but it is unfortunate for me that Ghanaians have never even thought about respecting these boundaries. 

In Ghana, I have learned people have no respect for personal space. Sitting at a table with a few friends enjoying yourself? The next group that arrives will have no problem setting up another table four inches from yours. Oh, goodie! Now, I get to spend the rest of my night, moving my shoulder and neck to avoid some unknown backside from caressing me. 

How many times have I been standing in line waiting on my turn, in a proper cue (aka line), and someone tries to nudge me out of the way so they can make their way to the front. Too many times, that is how many. They obviously don’t know how many lives are lost to this senseless type of act in the United States each year. Boondocks fans, you know this is that “moment”.  It is fortunate for me and them that I am able to control my urges to slap a mofo. 

They don’t even respect your walking space. Now, in the States, if the person in front of you is walking slower, you approach, but then wait for an opportune time to overtake. In Ghana, if you haven’t stepped to the side by the time the aggressor has reached you be prepared to be overtaken, with no apologies or consideration. I have seen people fall into open gutters. And, trust me, gutters are not the place to fall in Accra. 

One thing is certain though, since moving to Ghana I definitely thank God more for my strong bones, cat-like reflexes and good sense.

Until Next Time. Smooches

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