Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pick a Pocket

Monday I fired my maid. I didn't fire her because she was lazy or because she was too sassy in the mouth; although she was both things. I fired her because she stole. I would tell you I feel bad, but I don't. If you really know me, you know I am a capitalist and I don't mess with money. Unfortunate for her, she never realized this about me.

In Ghana  many service class people think it is ok to steal. In their mind they have so much less than you have, and as a result, they sometimes feel they are entitled to a piece of your pie. So when the grocery bill went up slightly after he coming, I didn't say anything. After all, I cant spend my time worried about where the extra 2 cedis is, but when she blatantly took 8 cedis from the pockets of the laundry she was doing, the story line changed.

Now, of course, some of you will say how do you know she took the money. Because the boocakes and I purposefully put the money in the clothes to see if she would take it. We then baited her and told her she had to check all the pockets of the clothing because we were missing a receipt. Funny, the receipt came back, but the money never did. Although, she did mention she found one cedi. However, she took that to buy washing soap.....on her own volition.

So when the crocodile tears started to flow after I dismissed her, I was not the least bit moved. But I will admit I did apply the utilitarian principle, "Is the man who steals because he is hungry the same as the man who steals just to steals? " My answer has always been no. But when I looked at this situation she wasn't starving, in fact, she has been eating out every day for the past few weeks....probably on my dime. Since she has started working she has started wearing weave, the mark of a professional woman in Ghana, and I have noticed her wardrobe has expanded. Therefore, the only reason I could justify her taking the money was greed.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I have discovered one thing about myself; I don't really care about the utilitarian principle when I am the man being stolen from.

Until the Next Time. Smooches.

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