Monday, June 11, 2012

30 Years and Still Strong

I often swear the only talent God gave me was good foresight. It has been my saving grace my entire life. Well, that and my uncanny ablility to say good-bye and never look back. After all, part of success is knowing when to let go. Another. much more important,  part of success is also knowing when to make a move. After all, timing is everything.

So when I read this article about the economic boom in Africa. I was once again assured I did the right thing a year ago. Just in case you don't have time to read, or just prefer clif notes ( I am not the one to judge) the gist of the article is that over the next five years African countries economies will make great leaps and bounds. it also states that Africa is experiencing its longest income boom- 30 years. I guess noone can call that a fad, huh?

With GDP rates expected to grow at an estimated 5% per year, it is that the only place to create real wealth is in Africa. Oh and let us not forget to mention that 7 out of the fastest growing 10 economies are in Africa...and guess who made the list. That's right, Ghana!

With gains like these, entrepreneurs would have to be blind not to see the opportunity that is really exisiting. What industry or company do you think you could create in Africa?

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