Friday, June 8, 2012

Disconnect in Diaspora

Earlier today I was having a conversation with a successful doctor in Ghana about recruiting African Americans to move back to Africa. He brought up the point that the focus should not be on those African Americans who are seeking jobs, but the ones who can create their own opportunities, and he is right.

When I moved to Africa, it was never my intention to work for someone. Having come a few months prior, I understood the vast economic opportunities that existed in this terrain. After all, here, you can start a business with an investment as low as $3,000. And we all know that it is almost impossible to do that anywhere else in the world.

Now although I wholeheartedly agreed with him, I felt the need to express the challenge of really uniting Africans with African- Americans was slightly more complicated. Not only do many African Americans not have passports, but they also don't have the credit scores needed to borrow money for many of the larger ventures that would be beneficial to the continent. And when you look at the fact that American media has made them to believe that Africa is some sort of open petting zoo, they are discouraged even more.

If you look at today's issues it definitely makes you think that NSM-64 was effectively implemented. However, it is time for African Americans to really start pooling their buying power and investing outside of their traditional investments. Not to mention advancements in technology and rules and regulations, have eliminated many of the risks of doing business in Africa.. So why not invest your money in a growing economy versus a stagnant one?

It makes me wonder, have people really truly considered the potential of Africa?


  1. Rich old white guys surely have not only considered, but tapped into the potential of Africa ...for increasing their personal wealth