Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Love My Country, Maybe?

Since I was able to move about on my own, I have always chosen my cities of residence after one visit. Some people are more cautious, but for me when it feels right, it just feels right. After all, some might say this feeling is the key to successful relationsips, so why not apply it to life.

The first time I stepped off the plane in Ghana, I knew it was home. I had visited several cities before then as I weighed my options of moving out the country, but Ghana felt good to my soul.

It is only my love for Ghana that help me overlook the small things, like meddlesome people. Ghanaians are known for stating their opinion on a subject whether it has been asked for or not. But it is fortunate for them that I love the country so much I am willing to hold my tongue versus snapping out on them and telling them to mind their own business.

Loving the country also has made accepting the people easier. If you can't love the people you can't live there. After all, as an expatriate at times you will be at the mercy of the locals and if you can't communicate properly, undoubtedly you will be packing your bags and heading home.

Accepting the people is one thing, but you must then be able to accept the culture as well. Culture is the most important thing when relocating since they are the social norms that dictate how people interact. So for instance, if you have great legs and love your minskirts, Saudi Arabia isn't for you, even if the job is paying six figures. Just like if you mind high pollution and the smell of urine at every corner, Ghana isn't for you.

So, where are some of the places you think you could surive? Look at the list of country laws before you decide.

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