Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leg Up

Yesterday, I found myself locked in a bathroom stall. Yes, locked. If I was in the States, I would have just crawled under the door, but unfortuantely most fancy bathrooms in Ghana have wood doors and don't leave the marginal space I need to squeeze my size 14 body underneath. So after yelling for about five minutes, I figured I was going to have to get myself out. So what did I do? I climbed on top of the toilet and hoisted myself over the wall and into the next stall and on to freedom.

Looking back at the incident I had to laugh becuase I found it similar to my experience as  an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are different people I have realized. We typically don't make the best employees but sometimes we find ourselves locked in that stall, waiting on someone to open the door. But instead, why not just crawl out yourself?

Yes, you will need amazing determiniation and tenacity, but, hell, if a 31 year old woman can lift herself over the bathroom wall, you can definitnely lift yourself to a new environment. This incident also speaks to the importance determination when starting a new venture.

Determination is one of the most important traits you will need as an entrepreneur, especially if you are going to try the African terrain. I mean, you can definitely wait patiently hoping for the right partner/opportunity or you can just take matters into your own hand and create the right opportunity that will provide you freedom. The choice is yours. The only thing I suggest, is do it while you still have the energy to throw your leg over the wall.

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