Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Personal Politics

When I first moved to Ghana a year ago, every Ghanaian I met was happy. Yes, everyone. But as the 2012 election moves closer, I am starting to see an uglier side of Ghanaians known as politics.

Now as we all know, I worked for Congress at one time, so I understand the necessary evil of it all. But what I don't think I will ever get is why people are so personal with it. Over a period of time, I have noticed that people don't understand that politics is never more important than people. During an election year, people will demonnize anyone who they believe has opposing political views, regardless of an invidual's character during non-election years.

I find this intersting because I have noticed most people are seasonal politicos, meaning they never want to participate until they think it is a major election or event. Now I applaud the fact that they participate at all, but after a while, I must be honest, I want to lean over and tell them to "Shut-up"; of course, in a polite way.

I also feel the need to point out to seasonal politicos, that you are not an expert on legislation or the political process if you have never read the bill/law, never participated in party conferences or assisted your party in achieving any of its goals, you are instead a loud-mouth jerk.

The bottom line is this, no country is in its current state becuase of one leader, it is a series of leaders and decisions that have gotten your country this far. Therefore, it is never the fault of one party. Am I the only one in the world who believes you are only as strong as your weakest link? If not, then I am sure once you examine your party you will be sure to find some points of vulnerability and, well, if you can't admit your party has just as many issues as the next then please do us all a favor and quietly vote without causing commotion.

In fact, I strongly suggest people start using the same strategy as politicians, vote for the individual or measure that will make you most prosperous and not the party. If we can adopt this strategy, we may be able to actually change the way the world works.

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