Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When You Rule The World

It is my luck in life that I had the privilege of going to a Historically Black College and University, Jackson State University. Now nearly a decade after my graduation and one year living in Accra, I see the true benefit of being a majority in a society. 

When I was in college, I never wondered if the white guys in the class didn’t talk to me because I was black and I never thought someone received a better grade than me because he was white. When I decided to go natural my classmates didn’t immediately rush up to me and ask why I cut my hair or could they touch it. Going to an HBCU was an empowering experience.
Now since I live in Accra, I find myself with the same sense of freedom. Here I don’t wonder if I was passed by for an opportunity because of my skin or hair texture. The glass ceiling doesn’t seem nearly as thick as it did in the States and I never have to hear my white counterparts make slick racists jokes, and it’s all because blacks are the majority.
Having these experiences have made me realize the confidence you get from being the majority of the population. When everyone around you looks like you, you dream a little larger. You feel that if you missed an opportunity or were passed over it is because you didn’t prepare enough; because when you are the majority there is no need for a scapegoat. It makes it easier to determine when someone is laughing with you versus laughing at you, because hell, who would be foolish enough to insult a man who makes up the majority. 

Guess who posted African
A few months ago, a restaurant was shut down because a woman tried to attend and was not let in. When she inquired why she wasn’t let in, the door guy joked it was an all white establishment; within hours Ghana Police showed up shut it down and arrested the owners. Why? Well, we all know why, it’s good to be the majority. 

I have learned that being a majority also makes it ok to joke about your weakness, as a culture, without being ashamed. It makes it ok to enjoy art with black faces and red lips. It gives you the ability to laugh at stereotypical portrayals of yourself and it makes you feel like it’s ok to appreciate art that some in your culture find offensive. 

But then again, like I said, it’s good to be the majority.
Until Next Time. Smooches.