Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On to the Next One:

As many of you know, I just came back from a trip from the States. It was fabulous. I enjoyed it, I learned a lot, got to be part of a magnificent wedding and really understood that I am blessed to have such great family and friends. Because I know not everyone is able. :)

Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to analyze and decide what my next steps were. As you see, I really don't write much on here anymore and that is because my experience is really not the same as it was two years ago when I started this blog.

Two years ago, I was an adventurous American who moved to Ghana and now, well, I am Ghanaian. This means that I accept my country both the good and the bad, but it also means my experiences are different. I have adapted to the culture and customs, I have learned to speak the basics in the local language and now I am not really in the beginning stages of starting a business.

Since I have been here I have successfully launched Constant Contact a cell phone rental company for tourists. I also have linked up with a business partner state side to do Classic Afrikan, which is introducing patchwork clutches in the United States and if all goes well, I will soon be opening up a vintage store in Accra.

Now, I am by no means rich, but it means my struggles are different and my message is different. That is why I am moving to I invite you to join along as I journey to success and I hope to hear from you as well.

Oh and most importantly don't forget to share the new blog with a friend or three!

Until Next Time