Thursday, April 4, 2013

Google Me Baby...

Google, over the past decade it has become the essential dating tool for most people. With the ease of a few keystrokes, google can tell you all of of the wonderful awards and charity work your potential mate has done, show you their previous work history and addresses and helps you discover that perhaps your seemingly perfect mate has a long wrap sheet and unpaid child support...... but at least he still photographs well in times of duress. Whatever the case maybe, google is there for you.

It is unfortunate though, that google doesn't seem to provide the same dating assistance when living abroad, especially in Africa. You see, Westerners seem to be the only people to name their children with no rhyme or reason. This means that in many Eastern societies you find the same name over and over again. I guess its great for the simplicity of remembering names, but horrible for the desperate woman stalking a potential mate via google.

I mean, really how many people can be named Kofi, Kwame and Justice? And do they really all have to have the same last name?

I just thank God, that I am African-American woman, which gives me the super sleuth gene. You know the one that makes you hunt down second and third cousins, as well as an old elementary school friend of your current lover. After all, I need to be able to make generalizations about you before the first date; I am 32 and ain't nobody got time to find out six months down the line you are crazy.

So wish me luck, Lord knows that I need it.

Until next time smooches.