Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flee Ghana

Following your dreams is never an easy feat. Now mind you, its not that everyone is not capable of following their hearts desires, its just that not everyone will have the courage- the gusto to stand out from the crowd and do what no one is doing.

So when I moved to Accra, Ghana, three years ago, I was excited to see the large number of pioneers like myself, who believed not only in the future of Ghana, but the future of Africa as well. It was even more exciting to see the number of Diaspora descendants who were making the concious choice to move back and make the sacrifices needed to move Ghana forward. We came mostly from the UK and the US, but there were others from Holland, Denmark, France and other European countries. We came in droves and we were excited about what the future held.

It's why three years later, I am disappointed by the number of people who have left or who are deciding that the terrain is just too tough for them to cut it. Now, its not like I don't understand. Not only is living in Accra, just as expensive as living in any other busy metropolis in the world, but it is also just as dog eat dog. Living in a place where many are left to their own devices can be overwhelming. In fact, it is overwhelming. Especially when you add cultural difference and language barriers on top of it all.

It also doesn't help that gas has gone up four times in one year, inflation in March was 14.1% and the cedi is free falling against foreign currency like a kamikaze. Who wouldn't want to flee for the promise of a secure pay check in dollars and pounds?

Me and a handful of others, who have refused to be moved regardless of the circumstances. Perhaps some of us thought life in Ghana would be easy and low cost. Perhaps we forgot that we can't afford to eat at the best restaurants every night and that having the newest car isn't as important as making sure you have working capital for your business; especially in a place where access to capital is almost non-existent..Maybe the sacrifice and the craziness of Ghana is just too much for some. After all, living in a place where lights and water are irregular will be enough to drive any Westerner insane. But it is said entrepreneurship is about living a few years like most people won't to spend the majority of years living like most people can't. And I for one am still up to the challenge.

So as the exodus prepares to depart Ghana, I wish everyone good luck on their new journey. I hope that everyone makes it back, not only for visits, but to stay. And may we all live our own destiny and dreams according to the visions in our hearts.

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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