Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Life Lessons I Learned Living Outside the U.S.

Well, folks, today the 15th of May, marks exactly three years in Ghana for me. I don't really know where the time has gone and I can't believe that it has passed so quickly. If it wasn't for my lack of knowledge on current pop culture, I would swear I just left yesterday. However, let me clear. Solange's arsenal assault did make it to the other side of the world within six hours. (you know Jay is my future baby daddy, and after this weeks events its obvious he may be in the market for a second wife soon and mama is ready!!)

But seriously, typically every year, at this time I like to do some reflections of my life and what living in Ghana has taught me. Because whether you know it or not, living outside of your home country really can be an eyeopening and jaw dropping experience.

So here are some of the top lessons I learned living outside of the United States in the past three years.

1) There is a Better Way of Life- Americans are often caught up on thinking that we come from the best country in the world, which is just not true. Being an American indeed has a lot of benefits, but no American should ever believe the American way of life is where its at. In fact, according to a 2011 study France and US have the highest depression rates in the world. Only last year, did America move  to the number 2 spot for being the fattest country in the world. And guess what....Americans are below average intelligence.....thank God for Italy and Spain. So what does all of this tell us? Perhaps the American way of life isn't the best. Something in our way of life stops most of us from actualizing our true potential. I can say that living outside of the U.S. I view things completely different. I don't have many of the societal pressures my friends experience, and as a result, I am a better, more fulfilled human being.

2) Don't Focus on Results- Now this actually ties into number one and is probably why so many people are unhappy. In America life is about results; never the process that brings you to the results. Americans are taught to be "goal" oriented, focus on the prize. But the bottom line is, is that the results aren't nearly as important as the process. A person who is able to perfect a process will undoubtedly reach their goals time and time again. However, if you don't know the process you will find that you never get the results you want.  Plus, being process oriented takes off a lot of stress off;  because as well all know you never see the results immediately. And living in Ghana has taught me to never see by sight.

3)You Gotta Have Faith- In this life, I think its important to believe in something. It doesn't make a difference to me what you believe in, but I believe that humans should acknowledge there is a higher force at work in all of our lives. How do I know this you ask? Because I am a living testimony that all things work together for your good. You will find that when you have faith in something larger than yourself you will enjoy each experience in life more, you won't take things so personally and you are confident that the actions you make. Plus, you just can't live in Ghana without faith. This is a place where strange things still happen and life gets tougher by the day. If you don't have faith you will loose hope and undoubtedly go packing. The devil's number one weapon is feat and uncertainty.

4)Partners Are Important- Americans are loners whether we know it or not. Success is a personal thing, not a team effort. However, since moving to Ghana I have learned  that partners are important for both business and love. You see in America we know partnerships are important in business, but most of us don't think of love as a partnership. Since moving to Ghana I have realized that who you choose as a life partner and the qualities that surround them are just as important for who you choose as a business partner. A great business partner will take you to the top; the same is true for finding the perfect life partner...and the ugly truth is, you never marry for love alone. Most of us have been in love more than once, so no one should ever doubt they will fall in love again. Living in Ghana has taught me the practical side of love and has moved me far from the world of fairy tale.  Partners you choose in both business and love should be those that you are fairly certain will help you meet your goals, and not just financial.

5) What Makes Me Happy- The great thing about living in Ghana is that I am no longer part of the rat race. Things undoubtedly move at a slower pace; therefore I have learned what happiness means to me. Taking a cue from Pharrel and the world, I have learned that happy for me is being able to wake up when I want to, go to the beach and play a guitar. I am happy when I am inspiring others and creating and executing events that some might have thought impossible. Oh and happiness is having my two Club beers (at any time I designate) with my two Kingsize cigarettes, if that's what I choose to do. Bottom line, I have never been this happy before in my life, and I hope you join one day too because I am never coming back.

So that's all people. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you share with a friend. Onto year four and may it be the best year of them all.

Until Next Time. Smooches.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of yourself & what you discovered. I understand what you have said. I visited Ghana last year March/ April. I enjoyed the slower pace & just absorbed my surroundings where ever I may have been. I can see myself there as well for extended time periods ..always lived in American but moved to own rhythm here Keep enjoying, learning & experiencing.
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. Loved what you said I am thinking about moving to Ghana myself

  3. Cordie,you no longer write on your blog.Its interesting.