Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social Selection: Survival of the Fittest

There are two things about me that most people would probably never assume: 1) I am inherently shy and it actually takes effort for me to socialize and 2) Although I appear highly sociable, I really don't mess with most people. I wouldn't call myself a misanthrope, but I would call myself socially selective.

You see, I , unlike most people have never felt the need to be part of the crowd. I don't feel the need to do or say things that are socially acceptable, as most of my friends will attest, and I don't really care to participate in trivial conversation for the sake of diplomacy. In fact, I would bet this is why I never built a successful career in politics. But it is who I am.

Part of this is because I know humans are just unreliable individuals. I can count on my hand the number of times where people have truly provided the assistance they promised, pushed me to get ahead or really opened some major opportunity. Couple that with the belief that no man has a part in my destiny and now you have me, a socially selective individual.

Now being socially selective has its benefits. First, I get to limit the factual information about me distributed to the public, which I adore. Hey, it never hurts to have a few rumors swirling about you. After all, well behaved women rarely make history and, secondly, it guarantees that when I do spend time with people I really enjoy it.

So when a trusted mentor told me that I wasn't socializing enough with key people I told him I wasn't really interested in them. Because let's be honest, most of them I have met have been pompous assholes. I then explained my social selectiveness to him. He simply chuckled and said, " You don't have enough money to be socially selective."

And he is right. I will admit that I probably could have had a lot more opportunities had I been willing to be less socially selective. If I had been more willing to tolerate slick comments (Sidenote: Isn't it ironic that I hate slick mouths when I have one?), or unnecessary arrogance, or just general disinterest in people I probably would be a lot further. But there is no harm in making a mistake. So from this day forward, I pledge to be more interactive with people, with business sense in mind, not a personal one. Because after all you don't need to be friends to do business, you just need to have a mutual respect.

So rest assured that until I make my first few million I will be more proactive in nurturing my relationships, regardless of how much I enjoy them or not. But don't be surprised if some of you are cut off immediately after mama makes it to mogul status. Just joking..... hopefully ;)

Until Next Time. Smooches.

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