Monday, December 29, 2014

Back for More

Well, as most of you know I really didn't blog a lot this year. And although, I thought many wouldn't notice. I have gotten an overwhelming number of questions about why I am no longer blogging. Well, the answer is simple. My blog started to be read in Ghana!

Now, for those who know me, I like to be relatively private. Most people only have a small glimpse what is happening in my life. However, I soon realized that I had a Ghana audience, who knew me both in personal life and blog life....and well, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Especially since most people in Ghana are judgmental and will take one small piece of info and then create their own stories with it. However, in the New Year I thought it was unfair not to let these watchers really watch all that is going on. After all I do have a lot of share. So I have decided not to be bothered and to blog my heart out.

I know you are all super excited, Because yes, I am funny and entertaining.

So just to give you a recap of my year. It was the Age of Jesus for me and I did find my calling. This year I successfully started Environment360, a ngo that works with children to teach them recycling behaviors. For those of us who live in Ghana, we know this is greatly needed. Not only is it needed, but I love it. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a letter from a class of children discussing how they enjoyed their time.

My love life is still bare. I chalk this up to a huge cultural misunderstanding that I am just now starting to grasp. Although I have a full grasp on it, I am still not sure I will be playing the game. I really don't think its fair to lure a person in on one context only then to find out there is more to them..and their bad habits. And yes, I do have plenty of bad habits. I also think it's do to the stalkerish behavior of some men in Ghana. I don't care how much you like me...please dont call me 5 times a day and whats app me pictures every two hours; I'm not that interested in your every movement..we just aren't there yet.

I would be worried, however a random psychic has assured me this is my year for love.....whatever that may mean. She also assured me he would be wealthy. So let us thank God for that. I also didn't have to pay her nor did she ask for a donation, so maybe this one was real.

Overall it has been a quiet year. Plenty of disappointments, but some highlights as well. The most important thing, I survived another year and I know 2015 is the beginning of greater things.

Have a great New Year and will be blogging again soon. So please share!

Until Next Time Smooches.