Monday, March 23, 2015

Bitchy Boss, Yep That's Me

An inevitable part of living in Ghana is fighting. Not necessarily, the ratchet World Star Hip Hop battles you are used to seeing, but more of a mental fight.....which sometimes does include a few choice words that end very clearly in the Ghanaian word, Kwasia, aka fool.

After living here for four years, I have just chalked it up to part of life. I mean after all someone is always trying to take advantage of the pretty, independent American girl. If it's not my money they want to chop then maybe its the coveted invitation letter. Whatever the case may be I have found that in many cases there is always an ulterior motive with interacting with me. Mind you, this is not in all cases. I have met some pretty awesome people during my time in Ghana.

However, I have noticed that over the years I am becoming bitchier. Now I know for some of you this is a huge surprise, can I get any bitchier? And yes, I too am alarmed because I feel like its too much. Like really, its too much, I mean hell, I'm tired of being upset and mean all the time. Can't I just ever have a day where smiling is the only thing I do.

But then I realized I was not the only one. The other day after speaking with another female entrepreneur, I found out that she too too suffers from boss bitchiness. It is the bitchiness that results in having to watch everyone's movement and actions, clearly explain to them 10 times not to waste your money, which is almost unavoidable...because of course foreigners have money trees we regularly pick from and having to deal with people that just don't fully understand your high level of sacrifice. Add that the inappropriate actions of men you are doing business with, your crappy or non-existent dating life and just a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, then you have the perfect mixture for the bitchy boss.

Now I am not proud of myself, but admittance is the first step to recovery. Which is why I want to publicly say, my name is Cordie Aziz and my bitchiness is on a a whole new level. So as I go through this transition, please excuse my short temper and snarky remarks. Let's just hope for better days, where the only thing I am fighting for is to ensure they have my chilled champagne on my private jet.

In the meanwhile though, if you see a female entrepreneur, especially one that is single. Give her a hug. Her life is a lot harder than you may think.

Until next time smooches.