About Me

I believe that you decide your own destiny and path to success. I think people with good foresight are the stronger species and will always outlive those who refuse to accept change. I think America is going down and Africa is coming up. I think young African Americans are especially vulnerable to the economic recession and that they should take their talents and skills to greener pastures, especially if they want to become entrepreneurs and generate generational wealth. In fact, I am the new age Dubois. Bring it back to Africa!!!!

But please let this blog be a reminder that it wont be easy. 


  1. You are on the right path. I'm visiting in July.

  2. Just saw u on TV...so I decided to look u up...what line o' business r u into??? Need a mentor...

  3. I've been studying and planning for years, I making my first steps out into the unknown next year. I decided to visit first with friends before I rent a place. I've been looking n Cape town South Africa, but I still want to be where I can travel on bus to other parts. Still researching. I need help huh? my email# Lisalawstudent@aol.com